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Light of Life Radio Ministry

". . .come here, and listen to the words of the Lord, your God." Joshua 3:9
. . . Catholic radio . . . listener supported radio . . . all volunteer radio . . .

Individual / Family Partners

  Platinum Partner suggested donation at least $100 per month   Silver Partner suggested donation at least $25 per month   Individual / Family Partner suggested donation at least $12 per month

  consider a memorial donation for a loved one   on-air recognition available   be a day sponsor recognizing a loved one or friend   program sponsorships available   consider being a special needs partner   estate planning opportunities are available   consider establishing a matching grant

  call 304-598-0026 or 740-296-5758 or email LoL Radio for details

Donate now via US mail: LoL Radio Ministry 132 Carubia Drive Core WV 26541Click donation mail-in form.
Donate monthly with the LoL auto debit option
Donate now via credit card or bank account transfer EFT/ACH via PayPal secure site

The US Internal Revenue Service determined that the Light of Life Community Inc is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Depending upon your specific tax situation, donations to Light of Life Community, Inc may be tax deductible. Consult your tax accountant for specifics.

contact Light of Life Community, 132 Carubia Drive, Core, West Virginia 26541
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