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Light of Life Radio Ministry

". . .come here, and listen to the words of the Lord, your God." Joshua 3:9
. . . Catholic radio . . . listener supported radio . . . all volunteer radio . . .

 Parish / Organization Partners

Catholic catechesis 24 hours per day 7 days per week
exposure to parishioners / members and potential parishioners / members
promotion of RCIA, vocations, Adoration and other programs
daily on-air recognition of your parish / organization
announcements of parish / organization events [50 per year]
recognition on the LoL Radio web site with a link to your web site
affiliation with a particular radio program is available
suggested donation at least $2 per parishioner / member per year

Donate now via US mail: LoL Radio Ministry 132 Carubia Drive Core WV 26541Click donation mail-in form.
Donate monthly with the LoL auto debit option
Donate now via credit card or bank account transfer EFT/ACH via PayPal secure site

contact Light of Life Community, 132 Carubia Drive, Core, West Virginia 26541
or email Light of Life Community

LoL Radio Ministry